Oct 2nd - 15th, 2023  | Uvita, Costa Rica



Daśamahavidyās Retreat  |  Oct 2nd - 9th



Kriyā Yoga Intensive  |  Oct 11th -15th


WAY OF WATER- Path Overview


Way of Water - Level I :
Jan 15th- Feb 25th, 2023
Tantrik Pūjā Training Levels I-III & Abhiśekhams with the Gateway Deities of Trika Mahāsiddha Yoga (Ganesha, Sarasvati, Durga, Śambunatha & Hanuman)

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Way of Water  Level II:
October 2nd- 15th, 2023
Abhiśekams of Daśamahavidyās (10 Tantrik Dakinīs) & Camunda, as well as Inner Deity Yoga (including Rudi’s Kriyā Yoga practice)

*Students can attend the Way of Water - Level II without completing Way of Water - Level I if that better suits their practice needs/interests. 

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Way of Water -  Level III:
Dates to be Announced
Śri Vidya Teachings, Initiation & Practice
(You must be an initiated student to quality for this level).





Retreat Details

Way of Water – Level II focuses specifically on the entry points of mind and energy as expressed in the practices of Kriyā Yoga, Deity Yoga (specifically the Daśamahāvidyās or Ten Wisdom Dakinīs), and the Heart of Devotion.
Devotion is an essential component of human realization and the path of practice itself. Cultivating the Heart of Devotion quickens all spiritual processes through accelerating the bhava of “surrender”, wherein we release the attachment to our “self” as an independent individual.  Through Level II practices we discover ourselves as the inner energy (sambhogakāya) of the channels, cakras, bindus, lights, sounds and rays. We discover that we are fundamentally the same esoteric energies of the deities, dakinīs and Light-Body Mahāsiddhas.
Students can attend The Way of Water – Level II, without having attended Way of Water – Level I. Of course, it is recommended to take Way of Water – Level I (if possible) so as to deepen in the ritual practice of Deity Yoga. 
Way of Water - Level II is divided into two retreats, which can be taken individually or combined:
  • PART I - The Daśamahāvidyā Retreat   
  • PART II - Kriyā Yoga Intensive




The Daśamahāvidyā Retreat 
Entering the Sacred Mandala of Blessings from the 10 Wisdom Dakinīs   
Oct 2nd – 9th, 2023 // Uvita, Costa Rica


The Daśamahāvidyās are a collection of Ten Wisdom Goddesses or Dakinīs of the more recent Indian Tantrik tradition. They are a grouping of powerful female transformational energies of awakened consciousness. Each dakinī is a fully enlightened deity and therefore able to guide the practitioner beyond the mire of their karmic mind, energy and body into the sublime experience of liberation while living.
All ten are different enlightened “flavors” of the One Essence Nature, having different mantras and practices. If you learned about the Mahāvidyās before coming to retreat you may have found yourself instinctively drawn to one or more Mahāvidyās. However, to ensure that the Mahāvidyā “chooses us” and is the most efficient path to realization for us (so that we don’t make the mistake of choosing from our own presently impure state of karmic ignorance), Dharma Bodhi and Sahajadakinī will perform an ancient ceremony during which we will enter the Pure and Sacred Mandala of the Ten Wisdom Dakinīs. Once the mandala has been brought into our experience the student will be chosen by the appropriate dakinī through a special oracular procedure.
The first few days of retreat will be spent learning about and contemplating celestial beings of pure non-karmic form in general and the Ten Wisdom Dakinīs in specific, and how working with them is one of the most enjoyable and efficient means of liberation. We will explore the bhava of surrender and opening of the Heart that occurs when performing devotional practice as with the Ten Wisdom Dakinīs. Once our Heart-Mind has been ripened we will perform the “ceremony of choosing”, and each student will formalize their relationship with their specific dakinī.
Over the next few days you will receive formal initiation into the practice and mantra (which is the dakinī’s energy body) of your dakinī, along with continuing the general classes related to them as a group.
*Note: For those students who have completed The Way of Water – Level I, you may opt to bring your travel pūjā kit with you to begin performing personal pūjā with your newly acquired dakinī after the dakinī chooses you.
**There will be a one-day break between Part I & Part II (Kriyā Yoga Intensive).



Kriyā Yoga Intensive   
The Esoteric Science of Mastering our Subtle Energies
Oct 11th – 15th, 2023 // Uvita, Costa Rica


The systems of Kriyā Yoga put us into direct engagement with our subtle body’s channels, cakras, bindus, winds, elements, etc.  In the practice of Tantrik Yoga nowadays it is more common to learn deity yoga practices without being taught the practices of Kriyā Yoga that are part of the total Deity Yoga method. The Kriyā Yoga component is like the engine that drives the empowerment of the visualizations and mantras of the deity and manifests their experience in our time/space continuum. Deity Yoga practiced without the Kriyā Yoga component relies on sheer willpower and devotion to obtain the desired result. This is an overly strenuous approach and can dampen our enthusiasm, joy and pleasure found in the practice of Deity Yoga, thus resulting in little or no attainment.


Swami Rudrānanda
During the 5-day training you will learn the beginner and intermediate levels of Swami Rudrānanda’s system of Kriyā Yoga, and immediately apply it in the practice of your Mahāvidya.



Dharma Bodhi (Kol Martens) began practicing yoga at age seven, and in his teens moved into practices of Chan Buddhism and Daoism. He then went on to study non-dual Śaivite yoga and completed Ācārya training in 1996 under his non-dual Śaiva Guru with an emphasis in Kundalinī Hatha Yoga. Since that time he has been studying and practicing Tibetan Dzogchen meditation and yoga. Settled in Costa Rica, Dharma Bodhi and his wife, Sahaja Dākinī, dedicate their time to raising their family, personal practice and teaching the Oral-Practice Tradition of the Mahāsiddhas to small groups of students.




1. Optional: Completion of the Preliminaries of TMY (This will give a more comprehensive foundation from which to appreciate the path of the Way of Water within a Nondual tradition)




You will need to organize your own accommodation, transportation and meals during the retreat. Please check out these resources below to help plan your stay. 



PART I - The Daśamahāvidyā Retreat :  Oct 2nd-9th, 2023
PART II - Kriya Yoga Intensive:  Oct 11th - 15th, 2023


 TMY Center  |  Uvita, Costa Rica



PART I - The Daśamahāvidyā Retreat :  $880
PART II - Kriya Yoga Intensive : $440
Register for both -Get $100 off : $1220

*meals, travel, & housing are not included.






Way of Water - Level II


OCT. 2nd - 15th, 2023 |  COSTA RICA

Part I: $880
Part II: $440
Part I & II (discounted rate) : $1220


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