Guided Group Yoga Practice - YouTube

group guided yoga class - youtube Aug 15, 2021

Guided Yoga Practice 

Receive practice support with a guided yoga class recording. Pick which routine sounds best to you!


Your Teacher: Bryan Humsara McMahon

With over 15 years of training in the traditional arts and cultures of the Far East, Bryan was first introduced to the traditional Mahasiddha Path and Kundalini Hatha Yoga by Dharma Bodhi in 2014. He received formal initiation in 2017 and is an authorized instructor of Kundalini Hatha Yoga. He now lives in Costa Rica as an Acharya in training.


Yoga Videos: Recorded July 2020 

Introduction to the Practice Series:

Wind Element Modified Series:

Agni (Fire Element) Series - Class 1:

Agni (Fire Element) Series - Class 2:

Way of Fire - Class 3:

Way of Fire Class 4:

YouTube Channel: The Wandering Cloud

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