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Trika Mahāsiddha Yoga donates 3% of all income from courses to select organizations that are engaged in vigorous and demonstrable work, both politically and physically, to correct ecological and environmental devastation threatening human survival.
All dharma traditions teach that the fruit of the path results in becoming suffused with the virtues of compassion and generosity. As practitioners, one of the ways that we demonstrate our dedication to the welfare of all sentient beings is to give and to serve.


If you would like to give your support here’s where we need it most:

Trika Publications' Support Fund

During Dharma Bodhi’s training, both his Tibetan and Indian masters repeatedly requested that he commit to writing the oral practice instructions and teachings he was receiving. His Tibetan master said it was very important that he translate the prayer books and teaching texts of the tradition he was learning from Tibetan language into the native languages of the students who would be using them.
Writing and translation is currently underway, and it needs ongoing support in order to continue. The first goal is to finish writing the book series on the essential view teachings of the Oral-Practice Tradition and to get them published.
The following books will be completed in this order:


The 12 Stage View Teachings of Oral Mahāsiddha Tradition



   6 Realms – Theory & Practice



  Way of Fire – The Mahāsiddha Kundalinī Hatha Yoga Theory and Practice



Way of Meditation – Relaxing Mind into Its Nature



  Foundations of Mahāsiddha Yoga
Once the above series is completed Dharma Bodhi will begin to translate the key texts of the Dzogchen tradition requested by his master. As Dharma Bodhi is an amateur translator and not a scholar of Tibetan language, especially the highly exacting language used in Dzogchen texts, he will need to enlist support from recognized authorities in this field and offer them compensation for their assistance.


 Goal: Every $2,000/ month enables Dharma to dedicate two entire days to book writing.


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Specific Projects Fund

In order to better serve students coming for retreats, we bought land bordering the retreat center here in Costa Rica (about 1/5 acre). We are now in the process of building an open-air meditation and yoga temple. This temple will be built out of Indonesian hardwoods; cut and sculpted in Bali; shipped to Costa Rica and fitted on-site. Donations thus far have covered laying the foundation, buying all materials, and shipping them to Costa Rica. We still need additional funding in order to pay a construction company to assemble the structure; to complete landscape gardening; and to build a shower/ toilet/ septic tank block. 




A beautiful open-air, column-less, roofed, elevated practice and teaching platform made from as much green materials as possible, literally 30 steps from the Teaching/Shrine Room door.



Planting of multiple garden beds for growing food, composting, etc.



Planting of a mini-food forest of food producing trees.



Building a shower / toilet /septic tank block.



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Scholarship Fund

This fund provides students in financial hardship with the opportunity to join paid courses and receive teachings. When you donate to the Scholarship Fund you will be providing financial support for a student to join a course or program. We currently have an active list of students awaiting scholarships. Your donation will be greatly appreciated and put to good use! Dharma Bodhi & Sukhalaya provide scholarships for each course as well.


Donate to Our Scholarship Fund

Patron Fund

Dharma Bodhi’s deepest desire is to be able to write text books and teach the programs of Trika Mahāsiddha Yoga at no cost to the students. He is prevented from teaching and writing fulltime because he must also work to support his family of four in Costa Rica. Dharma has worked many different jobs over the course of his life. He and his wife, Sahajadākinī, have a strong work ethic. But there is only so much time in one’s life.
In ancient times, wealthy patrons recognized the essential role of Ācāryas or traditional spiritual preceptors. The culture was organized so that the local preceptor would receive direct financial support from the wealthier strata of the society. Trika Mahāsiddha Yoga is in need of patrons who understand the necessity of this model and wish to help make the teachings available regardless of economic status.

If you are desiring to help Trika Mahāsiddha Yoga become financially self-sufficient there are a number of options available to you:



You may donate a lump sum.



You may deposit a large amount of money into the local cooperative bank which will give between 10 and 12 percent interest per year based on the amount deposited. The principle would remain in your name and the interest could be given to support TMY’s work.



You may designate TMY as an inheritor of your estate.


If you'd like to become a patron, please fill out the patron form below:

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Sahajadākinī and I established the TMY Retreat Center in Costa Rica a little over one year ago with the help of generous and dedicated students. We also recently acquired the land next to the TMY Center and will begin construction of the open-air training platform and retreat huts after completion of a much needed crowdfunding campaign. Due to these developments we can start to train and certify TMY Instructors and Ācāryas.


I am in the 59th year of my life and wish to dedicate equal time to teaching, writing and retreating. We will train those people who will preserve the TMY tradition for future generations. This is too large a project to accomplish alone. We cannot serve the learning needs of the growing TMY community by ourselves, we need help.
To this end we have created a process that integrates both the TMY Ācarya Training and TMY Instructor Certification Programs with our core curriculum annual retreats (the Five Ways of Practice) and the retreats focused on the Independent Cycles of Teachings & Practices (the Yogas of Dream, Sleep & Death, etc.).

If you have the karma to teach and TMY is your chosen system then we invite you to explore these programs:





The Scholarship fund provides students in financial hardship with the opportunity to join paid courses and receive teachings. If you need financial assistance please apply below.


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Help us make the path of Trika Mahāsiddha Yoga more accessible to others worldwide.


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Help us make the path of Trika Mahāsiddha Yoga more accessible to others worldwide.


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