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Upcoming Live Online Teachings

Body of Light Healing Program- "What is a Healer?"

March 16, 2024, 9am-11am EST
FREE Online Lecture
In this upcoming free online class, Dharma Bodhi will discuss his understanding of healing & healers from his 3 decades of experience as a health care practitioner and classically trained shaman. He'll share his perspectives on "Spiritual Healing" and "Spiritual Healers" from his lifelong contact with shamans and mystic healers having grown up in a family line of powerful female shamans. A good portion of time will be used for an extensive Q & A on this topic.
If you are interested in the upcoming Body of Light Healing Program, which will teach authentic methods of healing from traditional Shamanism and Tantrik Yoga, please join us. 


*A recording will be sent to you if you are unable to attend live.


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Daoist Nondual Meditation Online Retreat

Feb 18 - Aug 11, 2024 
7 Month Training: 2 Sundays per Month, 9:00am-12:00pm (EST)
$210/ 14 sessions
This is an in-depth exploration of the Path of Daoist Non-Conceptual Meditation and the Dao De Jing (DDJ) from the Liu Family Tradition. Traditional Daoist meditation is a profound path to full realization that includes the attainment of the “Body of Light”. 


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FREE Online Intro Lecture about the Practice of Rushen

Rushen practice permanently pierces the unconscious veils of psycho-emotional suffering or samsara, appearing as the 6 Realms of false perceptions and modes of being. It is these veils perverting our perceptions and awareness that hide our True Nature.  


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10-Year Forecast for Training Opportunities with Dharma Bodhi 

Recorded Dec 10th, 2022 
Watch the live meeting discussing the future of TMY and to learn more about upcoming opportunities for personal study and/or teacher certifications. Ample time was given for student Q&A to clarify questions and concerns.


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Self Guided Courses

Foundational Courses

Hatha Yoga - Intro Course

Recalibrating elemental forces - balancing the elements of wind, fire and water in body and mind.


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Preliminaries of Trika Mahāsiddha Yoga

In the Preliminary Program Dharma Bodhi introduces you to the core View Teachings of Trika Mahāsiddha Yoga.

*Prerequisite course for deeper study

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Foundations of Trika Mahāsiddha Yoga

The 12 Foundational practices of Trika Mahāsiddha Yoga will be covered throughout this course with in-depth instruction & guidance.

*Prerequisite course for deeper study

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21 Precepts of Conduct

The precepts are actually virtues. By exploring, contemplating and applying the 21 precepts of conduct followed by the Trika community you are directly engaging in enlightened activity.

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Primal Ayurveda - Level I

This is an entry-level course on the practical implementation of core principles and practices of “Primal Ayurveda.” 


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The 10 Forces of Self

This is a sub-cycle of teachings within the Greater Cycle of Teachings called the Ātmaśakti (or Soul Power) Cycle of Teachings and Practices.

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The Six Realms: The Illusory Dreams of Human Suffering

The skill of clear self-reflection forms the foundation of any authentic psycho-emotional healing and spiritual development. The two best technologies for seeing oneself are the Six Realms Cycle of Teachings and Tanrik Enneagram.



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Mantra Sadhana - The Science of Śabdha Brahman

Mantra is one of the most efficient methods of realization. A Tantrik mantra used for liberation is actually the energy-body of an enlightened deity. Through regular practice of mantra we can transform ourselves into the enlightened experience of our chosen deity and end our samsara forever.


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Śiva Sutras - The View and Direct Realization “Pointing Out” Instructions of Kashmir Śaivism

In this five hour class we will unpack the most essential scripture of the non-dual Śaiva Tantrika tradition. This class is designed to give a deeper understanding of Śaivist nondual view, and to trigger deeper meditations in your practice through giving essential “pointing out” instructions. 

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Emotional Alchemy - Transforming Lower Emotions to Essential Virtues

In this 5-hour class Dharma Bodhi will teach you a very simple and clear proforma for transforming stuck emotional energy, that when practiced regularly will become habitual, thus enabling the energies that used to take you down to be revealed as virtues of your “personality display”.

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Tantrik Teachings on the Daśamahāvidyās


This 2–day, 10-hour, online course on the 10 Wisdom Goddesses (Daśamahāvidyā, in Sanskrit) will introduce you to a special group of 10 Tutelary-Protective Deities of the Indian Tantrik tradition.




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Pronunciation Course

Join us for an introduction in Sanskrit pronunciation. In this 3-hour class, Dharma Bodhi will cover the pronunciation of the English letters with diacritic markings so students can pronounce properly when reading Sanskrit for Pūjā, philosophy or other practices. Devanagari script (sanskrit letter writing) will not be taught during this class, nor is the reading or writing of Devanagari necessary for any TMY course or Way.

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The Way of Water: A Detailed Overview

This 6-hour online course on The Way of Water is a detailed overview of the theory, practice, and essential principles for the practitioner taking the Way of Water as their vehicle to Full Realization.





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Healing Mind & Emotions with the Five Elements of Tantra

In this 12-hour online course you will learn to distinguish which of the 5 elements are currently out of balance – depleted, excessive, agitated, displaced, etc. And you’ll learn some essential methods for strengthening their effects in your life and re-establishing their harmony.




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The Trika Method

The Body Journey

A 12-week video series on cutting-edge nutrition, hormone rectification, harnessing sexual energy, establishing a rhythmic life-style and more, including workout routines and recipes.




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The Mind Journey

A 12-week video series, exploring the mind’s-function and its power to create, including stress-busting & relaxation techniques; traditional meditations to discover the BASE of your mind; and techniques to re-channel the negative energies of emotional reactions and conditioned perceptions into health and vitality.


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The Spirit Journey

A 12-week video series to awaken your connection to the immutable source beyond mind. Learn self-discovery & Typing technologies to identify your unique spirit expression. And learn to live on purpose, moment to moment.



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The Trika Method - Body, Mind, & Spirit Journeys - 3 Course Package

All 3 of the Trika Method's Core Journeys at a discounted price.






Upcoming Group Retreats

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Rushen - Brazil 2024


Starting at $1600 USD
Rushen practice permanently pierces the unconscious veils of psycho-emotional suffering or samsara, appearing as the 6 Realms of false perceptions and modes of being. It is these veils perverting our perceptions and awareness that hide our True Nature. 
Rushen Practice breaks through our 6 Realm fixations, teaching us instead to identify with our True Nature and discover ourselves already in and as an integral part of the Mandala of Sacred Perfection (Pure Vision).


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Swami Rudrananda's Kriyā Yoga

MAY 8-12th, 2024 - VAGNEY, FRANCE

€‎450 Euro
Kriyā Yoga Intensive: The esoteric science of mastering our subtle energies.  Kriyā Yoga puts you into direct engagement with your subtle body’s channels, cakras, bindus, winds, elements. 
Swami Rudrananda's system is an excellent practice of inner alchemy capable of transforming all limiting conditioning when combined with pure motivation and a heart of Devotion.


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Yogas of  Dream, Sleep, & Death

MAY 16-19, 2024 - PRAGUE, CZECH

450 Euro
The ancient teachings on death and dying give you the tools and understanding to successfully navigate the dying process and the after death states. 
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Hawai’ian Temple Bodywork Retreat (Lomi Ha’a Mauli Ola)


Starting at $2370 USD
The Lomi Ha’a Mauli Ola retreat is part of Phase 1 of the Body of Light Healing program.
Each day of the retreat you will practice the healing bodywork of Lomi Ha’a Mauli Ola embedded within the supportive practices of Hawai’ian Chanting (Oli), Prayer (Pule), Dance (Hula Kahiko), Energy Meditations, Awareness Meditations, Breath Practices, and Shamanic Movement exercises (based on sacred Polynesian animals such as the frigatebird or ’Iwa and the mythological dragon or kuamo’o).


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1:1 Practice Guidance Sessions


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