Sanskrit Pronunciation Course

 Led by Dharma Bodhi

Sanskrit Pronunciation Course

 Led by Dharma Bodhi

 Join us for an introduction in Sanskrit pronunciation.


Dharma Bodhi will cover the pronunciation of the English letters with diacritic markings so students can pronounce properly when reading Sanskrit for Pūjā, philosophy or other practices. Devanagari script (sanskrit letter writing) will not be taught during this class, nor is the reading or writing of Devanagari necessary for any TMY course or Way.

*This class is required for students attending any of the Tantrik Pūjā trainings with Rami next year in Costa Rica. 

*Recordings will be available if you cannot attend live.  


  • Saturday, November 19th & Sunday, November 20th
  • 9am -10:30am, each day. (Costa Rica time, UTC-6) 

(Classes will be on Zoom. Recordings will be available)





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About the Teacher

Dharma Bodhi (Kol Martens)

Dharma Bodhi began practicing yoga at age seven, and in his teens moved into practices of Chan Buddhism and Daoism. He then went on to study non-dual Śaivite yoga and completed Ācārya training in 1996 under his non-dual Śaiva Guru with an emphasis in Kundalinī Hatha Yoga. Since that time he has been studying and practicing Tibetan Dzogchen meditation and yoga. Settled in Costa Rica, Dharma Bodhi and his wife Sukhalaya dedicate their time to raising their family, personal practice and teaching the Oral-Practice Tradition of the Mahāsiddhas to small groups of students.