Emotional Alchemy

Transforming Lower Emotions
to Essential Virtues

Emotional reactivity and attachment to 'story' are two obvious ways that we get direct feedback on our spiritual progress.

If we are still getting triggered emotionally - anger, fear, lust, sadness, anxiety, etc., and we are identifying with our emotions and the story that produces and supports them, we must learn to transform their powerful energy into the virtues that they represent under tension. 


There are many ancient stories of great sages known as Rishis who blew decades of spiritual practice in one moment of an emotional reaction. These stories are meant to illustrate just how powerful and limiting emotions can be for a spiritual aspirant. But there is a way to befriend them and allow them to reveal their inner treasure or virtue display.


In this 5-hour class Dharma Bodhi will teach you a very simple and clear proforma for transforming stuck emotional energy, that when practiced regularly will become habitual, thus enabling the energies that used to take you down to be revealed as virtues of your "personality display". We will run through the practice multiple times during class to gain proficiency and full understanding of how it works.


  • This course was recorded during a live online training in 2021.
  • Student Q & A's are included.

Emotional Alchemy

Transforming Lower Emotions to Essential Virtues