Foundations of
Trika Mahāsiddha Yoga


The 12 Foundational practices of Trika Mahasiddha Yoga will be covered throughout this course with in-depth instruction & guidance.


Dharma Bodhi will also teach numerous supportive core view teachings to enrich the practices and provide your formal entry into the TMY Path.
**We recommend taking Preliminaries of Trika Mahāsiddha Yoga prior to this course. 


Topics Covered:
- Mantra & Chanting
- Awakening - Saktipata
- Purifying Cakra, Nadi & Bindu
- Guru Yoga - all 3 levels
- Prostrations
- Spiritual Hygiene & Spirit Protection
- Altar Desien
- 5 Elements Practice
- Birthing an Energy Body & Plugging Energy Leaks
- Activating Ajña Cakra
- Receiving blessings from the Mahāsiddhas
- Importance of Devotion
- The Commitment Body - Samarpanakava
- The Two Paths & their Destinies
- Karma - Complete Teachings
- 3 Approaches to Karmic Reconditioning
- Classical Mind Training Basics
- Character Change
- Three Hallmarks of an Authentic Spiritual Practice



A Self-Guided Video Series
This course was filmed during an online retreat in 2020 and includes:
- 19 Classes
- 12 Practices - includes kriyas, bandhas, mudras, prostrations & more
- Aural Initiation into Purification Mantras
- Student Q&As


*Note: The Foundations Program, along with the Preliminaries of Trika Mahāsiddha Yoga Program, are prerequisite courses of study to be completed prior to attending any of the in-person 5 Ways of Practice.

Foundations of Trika Mahāsiddha Yoga