Hatha Yoga

Level I
Opening the Way

Balancing the elements of
wind, fire and water in
body and mind.

This is the introduction to Trika Mahāsiddha Yoga's Way of Fire, the traditional practice of Kundalini Hatha Yoga which is the conscious embodiment practice of early Shaivist Tantrik Yoga. The movements are beneficial no matter how small the range of motion, and the awareness training and breath practices can be practiced fully by anyone.
Level One activates a gentle purification of the elements and the doshas. In addition, the main channels are strengthened and purified through the fusion of awareness, breath and movement. This level will enhance any of the 5 Ways of Practice of Trika Mahāsiddha Yoga and forms the first level of the Way of Fire. Also, it's a wonderful health cultivation practice that won't tax the body. Health cultivation or Conscious Embodiment (not seeking physical perfection) is an integral part of the Mahasiddha tradition.
Topics Include:
- Yoga postures to balance the elemental forces
- Yoga movements combined with breath patterns
- Psycho-energetic locks (bandha) to redirect inner energy
- Gentle pranayama exercises
- Yoga nidra - the art of deep relaxation
- Channels, cakras & bindus
- Theory & practice of chanting
- Mind training - concentration & centering meditations
- Visualization practice

This Yoga can be practiced by any person of any age and physical condition. 


*Note: This program, along with the Foundations & Preliminaries of TMY, are prerequisite courses of study to be completed prior to attending any of the Way of Fire in-person retreats.

Kundalini Hatha Yoga - Level 1