Preliminaries of Trika
Mahāsiddha Yoga


In the Preliminary Program Dharma Bodhi introduces you to the core View Teachings of Trika Mahasiddha Yoga.


Found only in this tradition is an important cycle of teachings known as the 12 Stage View Cycle of Teachings. When combined with clear self-reflection developed through the Contemplation Meditations, and clarity of mind from the Exercise of Centering, knowledge of the 12 Stage View gives you the ability to accurately assess where you are on the journey from ignorance to enlightenment.


Through understanding of the external and internal signs that appear stage by stage as you follow the path to realizing your True Nature you'll avoid obstacles, delays, ego-entrapment, etc. The 12 Stage View Teachings act as your guide if you haven't found a Heart-Teacher yet, or for when your Heart-Teacher is unavailable.

Topics covered:
- 12 Stage View
- Understanding "Base"
- Impermanence
- The 3 Great Stages of Kundalini
- What is the Trikaya? - The Three Bodies of Enlightened Essence
- Body - Speech - Mind: 3 doorways of essence expression and
- What is the "Self"?
- Why do we suffer?
- Contemplations of the 6 causes of suffering.
- Dealing with Attachment & Aversion
- What does it mean to be "realized"?
- The Centering Meditation
- Exploring View-Method-Fruit & Base-Path-Conduct
- What is "Dharma"? "What is Rainbow Body?"
- Who were the Mahāsiddhas?.…and what is Trika Mahāsiddha Yoga.?.what
are its influences?
- Yoga Nidra Practice
- Cultivating Pure Motive and Correct Orientation to practice
- Gratitude Contemplation - essential key to growth.
- 4 Immeasurables - Teaching and Contemplation of each
- Nirmanakaya Heart Mantra Practice to Purify the 6 Realms.
- The Importance of Integration Practice & 2nd Attention



*Note: The Preliminaries Program, along with the Foundations of Trika Mahāsiddha Yoga Program, are prerequisite courses of study to be completed prior to attending any of the in-person 5 Ways of Practice retreats.

Preliminaries of Trika Mahāsiddha Yoga