Primal Ayurveda

Level I

This is an entry-level course on the practical implementation of core principles and practices of "Primal Ayurveda." Primal Ayurveda is a type of Ayurveda based in Tantrik Yoga, which continues to adapt and enhance by integrating current breakthroughs in health sciences and exercise physiology.


The Fundamental Principles of Ayurvedic Health Cultivation
This course was recorded during a live online training in 2020. Student Q&As are included to enrich the overall learning experience.
(*This course is a prerequisite for the Primal Ayurveda - Level II training.)

Topics covered:

  • Identifying Your Ayurvedic Constitution & Biochemical Individuality
  • Ayurvedic Physiology - Elements, Doshas, and Dhatus
  • Prana, Tejas & Ojas - Essence of the Bodily Experience
  • The Physical Basis of Spiritual Alchemy - Transforming food, air and water into Spirit.
  • From Health to Death in 6 Stages - Recognizing & reversing the stages of decline.
  • Digestive Power - The Principles of Adaptive Eating for your Ever-Changing Needs.
  • The 6 Pillars of Life - Food, Sleep, Sex, Environment, Exercise, Work/Conduct.
  • Daily Routine- Essential Elements for Longevity and Radiant Health.




In 1986, after undergraduate studies focused in pre-medical sciences and psychology, Dharma earned his doctorate degree in Chiropractic, along with certification in X-Ray and Physical Therapy. He studied Japanese acupuncture, TCM, and apprenticed with master shamans from the Tsalagi (Cherokee) and Lakota Nations as well as becoming an Ayahuascero in the Amazon jungle of Peru in 1991. Eventually he would delve deeply into Indian and Tibetan systems of yoga, meditation, and healing. This led him to intensive study of traditional Ayurveda with Dr. Vasant Lad of the Ayurvedic Institute, where he taught for one year, and with an ancient line of Ayurveda masters based in the mountains of Kerala.

Primal Ayurveda - Level I


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