Śiva Sutras

The View and Direct Realization
"Pointing Out" Instructions of Kashmir

In this five hour class we will unpack the most essential scripture of the non-dual Śaiva Tantrika tradition.

The Śiva Sutras are an amazing revelation from Lord Śiva to the holy sage Vasugupta. Vasugupta received this transmission in successive waves of revelation that began as the most subtle forms of consciousness and proceeded through grosser levels of - yantra, then mantra and finally terse aphorisms - allowing Vasugupta to eventually comprehend this vidya.

Each sutra is profound in its depth and breadth of application. In this class we will confine ourselves to the first chapter, or "Light" of the sutras. The first chapter is focused on direct realization and the experience of directly apprehending one's own Siva Nature merely by being triggered into remembrance upon hearing the sutras, or through later spontaneous remembrance after contemplation.
Vasugupta (Seer of the Śiva Sutras)
Dharma Bodhi will take you on a journey of the highest consciousness via these pithy sayings. Dharma will first read the sutra and one or two of the accompanying commentaries and then give the Trika Mahāsiddha View on the meaning of the sutras. We will be using the excellent translation by Dr. Mark Dyczkowski called The Aphorisms of Siva.
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This class is designed to give a deeper understanding of Saivist nondual view, and to trigger deeper meditations in your practice through giving essential "pointing out" instructions.


Śiva Sutras

The View and Direct Realization “Pointing Out” Instructions of Kashmir Śaivism