The Six Realms Teaching

The Illusory Dreams of Human Suffering


Presented By Dharma Bodhi //
A Trika Psychology Course


The skill of clear self-reflection forms the foundation of any authentic psycho-emotional healing and spiritual development. The two best technologies for seeing oneself are the Six Realms Cycle of Teachings and Tanrik Enneagram.



In this weekend program you will learn how human beings can become distracted from their inherent natural presence to take on the expression of one of six psycho-emotional-behavioral lenses of perception/projection. Each of the six fixations of body, mind and speech/emotion will be explained in detail with ample examples given of how it can look to be temporarily influenced or "possessed" by one of these contracted states. You will also learn the crucial keys to transforming the suffering of each one of the realms in order to release the enlightened virtue of that realm held in a contracted state of anti-virtue.

Topics covered:
  • A detailed caricature of each of the Six Realms.
  • The complex motive spectrum of the Six Realm fixations and the subtle differences between them enabling precise assessment of which realm is operative in any moment.
  • The behaviors of each of the six fixations expressing as - conduct, posture, physiognomy, emotional reactivity, speaking patterns, habitual thinking, etc.
  • The basics of each realms specific pharmacology & diet that feeds the fixation.
  • Life "strategies" or the "False-Nadi" of each realm fixation that can replace our own sense of purpose, meaning and spiritual process.
  • In-class self-reflection and assessment exercises that develop greater familiarity with all of the Six Realms giving you a clearer understanding of which you are especially susceptible to, and how they cause suffering in your life.
  • The antidotes and practices for each of the Six Realms and a brief introduction to Six Realms Yoga


  • This course was recorded during a live online training in 2020.
  • Student Q & A's are included.
  • An essential cycle of teachings for anyone interested in coming to terms with one's ego-based suffering.

The Six Realms: The Illusory Dreams of Human Suffering