"Centering" is the all-important practice of the Mind Journey. By learning how to shift from mind's function into mind's base you will experience what it means to be truly present in body, energy and mind. When you're connected to your base you have access to an unlimited reservoir of equanimity and clarity. Acquiring the skill of Centering as a new reference point for contentment and ease enables you to thrive in situations and environments that used to cause you anxiety and frustration.

Human beings are capable of producing an incredible amount of mental-emotional energy. Sadly this energy is usually scattered, wasted, or worse yet - working against your mental and physical health through excess emotional reactivity and worry. In the section on transforming negative emotions, the Mind Journey's step-by-step video classes teach you how to get below your negative emotions to their source in order to access the raw unlimited and creative energy that forms their base. Learn the method to transform emotional states by tapping into this force to fuel the unlimited power of your mind and radiant health.
Stress is a killer, literally. And it's nearly impossible to avoid in modern society. Unfortunately popular methods of relaxation don't address the deeper causes of your stress. A pill, a glass of wine, a cup of tea or a holiday works temporarily but soon wears off and then leaves you once again back in the vicious cycle of accumulating stress and covering it up. What's needed is a deeper understanding of stress and how you unconsciously hold on to it. Learn to identify stress and most importantly - how to release and transform its powerful negative energy into health, ease and equanimity.
  • 40+ video classes revealing the mind's-function and its power to create.
  • Stress-Busting & Relaxation techniques to free your mind from chronic anxiety and worry.
  • Traditional meditations to discover the BASE of your mind.
  • Techniques to re-channel the negative energies of emotional reactions and conditioned perceptions into health and vitality.

The Mind Journey