There is an essential experience deep inside of you waiting to be discovered that is unlimited and uncreated. Meditators refer to it as Source.



The new "religions" of science and psychology can't cure societies' epidemic of despair and depression because they do not yet have a view wide enough to encompass all of the subtle experiences and capacities latent within every human being. The Spirit Journey teaches you about your source and helps you to create an unbreakable connection to it. Once you begin to connect to your source you'll experience a continual sense of equanimity and wonder that depends on nothing outside of yourself.

Spirit typing is a fascinating journey that reveals the unique aspects forming your consciousness. By learning about your individual expression of spirit, you will understand the natural way to express your most virtuous self. The Enneagram, Elemental Typing and Deity Typing from the wisdom traditions of Central Asia still prove to be powerful and relevant tools of self-discovery for the modern-day person seeking to know their unique display of spirit.

Purpose is the one force that binds together every aspect of your psyche, giving life greater meaning. From the video classes you'll discover that your purpose is actually a product of both your fate and your free will interacting to produce the direction and circumstances of your life. We were not born to be tired, money-making machines. We were born to actualize our inborn potentials and live a life of fulfilling contribution. When you adhere to your purpose, nothing can shake you. Get on your purpose and take life to the next level.

Material success requires skills, resources, power and strong effort. This is in direct contrast to the way of cultivating spirit, which requires that you begin the ongoing process of identifying and letting go of the "tensions" that block the expression of your spirit. Learning the "Way of Non-Resistance" teaches you how to "peel the onion" of your over-strenuous efforts to reveal the pristine beauty of your spirit.


  • Video classes on how to live compassionately and to find the underlying harmony below the surface waves of tension & conflict.
  • Meditations to awaken your connection to immutable source beyond mind.
  • Self-Discovery Typing Technologies to identify your unique spirit expression.
  • Teachings on how to live on purpose, moment to moment.