Twice Weekly Online Therapy Program

This 10-week program offers participants an excellent opportunity to revamp their current state of mind with the foundational teachings of Trika Psychology. Members who make a sincere commitment will develop strong skills for transformative work that can greatly reduce mental-emotional imbalance and limitation. With a combined experience of over 60 years, Dharma Bodhi and Sumanasa (Suzy Daren, MA LMFT) lead lively and collaborative groups, designed to ease each person’s unique pattern of suffering, while polishing a self defined by Essential Dignity. Resiliency. And a Passion for Life.


Since Trika Psychology is derived from the ancient meditation traditions (that have studied and mastered the mind over thousands of years), its completely unique approach is unlike anything else on the market.


We cover a vast array of topics, like: what is the mind?, working with desire and emotions, suffering and karma, developing a center, communication and conflict resolution, sex, and much, much more…

Small Cohorts.

Our therapy groups contain only 10- 15 members to allow for individualized attention, while also providing a large enough mirror to demonstrate the power of the collective in our healing and psychospiritual growth.

Integration Work.

Participants have ample opportunity for personal discoveries in session and then receive weekly assignments to integrate them into their lives.


Members work to uphold agreements to themselves and the group as a whole, and weekly assessments keep everyone on track. Change is much easier when supported by others.

Who Is This For?

Those who are feeling stuck in their life (or their therapy) and are sick of talking about it with little result; those who are ready to take 100% responsibility for their healing; and those who would like to tie up loose psychological ends to benefit their spiritual path.

The Benefits.

  • Deepen self-awareness and self-knowledge

  • Regulate emotions and energy

  • Improve mental clarity

  • Establish confidence and conquer goals

The Details.

Tuesdays and Saturdays, 11:30am - 1pm
(Costa Rica time; UTC−06:00)
Next cohort: January 24 - April 8 , 2023
Cost $1975

*This course is 100% refundable until Jan. 1, 2023 at which time no further refunds will be granted.

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Trika Psych Q & A

Learn a little more about our orientation and approach from our most recent online discussion.

About Trika Psychology

Trika Psychology arose from the belief that the dharma traditions of India and Tibet have more to offer in the way of mental-emotional healing than any current school of psychology. Also known as the Tantrik path of non-dual yoga, these spiritual systems possess an all-encompassing philosophy that:

  • brilliantly and compassionately explains the self and our place within the universe

  • elucidates how and why we suffer

  • offers a possible way out

Trika Psychology takes a non-pathologizing approach to working with the body-mind-heart complex that systematically moves clients along a path from suffering (pick any diagnosis in the DSM) towards a healthy ego structure, radical self-acceptance, and the confidence in how to best progress through this one precious life.

Trika Psychology is currently being developed by Sumanasa (a licensed psychotherapist) and her heart teacher Dharma Bodhi (a lifelong Tantrik yogin and lineage holder). Together they are organizing information and curricula, teaching workshops and retreats, writing books, and preparing to eventually train clinicians who might treat and train others.

While there are many facets that make Trika Psychology a very special technology, its recognition of the need to recenter the sacred is perhaps its greatest contribution. The world needs the love and compassion of the mystical more than ever before, and many are desperate for a daily connection to something greater than modern society. So while Trika Psychology is a complete system of mental and emotional healing, it may also provide the basis for much greater spiritual pursuits.

The dharma traditions recognized how to master the mind thousands of years ago and their discoveries are just as relevant today. Trika Psychology is deeply grateful to the beings who have, do, and will dedicate their lives to disseminate these precious teachings, and prays that we make the best use of them to alleviate all suffering.

Stay tuned - we are just getting started…

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*This course is 100% refundable until Jan. 1, 2023 at which time no further refunds will be granted.