Path Overview



Fire is the element of transformation, and therefore the symbol of this Yogic Way to realization. Traditional Kundalinī Hatha Yoga (KHY), as taught in the Way of Fire has been passed down to us from a line of masters beginning with Śrī Macchanda Nātha (Śrī Matsyendra Nātha in Sanskrit), the first of the recognized Light-Body Masters or Mahāsiddhas of both Śaivist Yoga and the Yoga of Tibetan Buddhism.
You will learn all essential aspects of Kundalinī Hatha Yoga:
  • Postures or Asana
  • Comprehensive Breath Practices or Prānāyāma
  • Psycho-Energetic “Locks” or Bandha
  • The Great Energy Vessel or Mahākumbhaka (the key to attainment on this path)
  • Foundational Mind Training
  • Dream Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Kriyā Yoga
  • Deva Yoga - including traditional abhisheka (empowerment/initiation) into the practices and mantras of Śrī Matsyendra Nātha, 2 forms of Śiva, Mā Pranaśakti, Srī Hanuman, Śrī Durga, and the Sapta Yoginī.


As a practitioner of the Way of Fire, you will refine your body chemistry, internal energy and mind-function through three progressive phases. You’ll go from dualistic and karmically limited, to semi-nondualistic and relatively free of the majority of your binding karma, to the nondual and karma-free experience our tradition calls “Sahaja Samādhi” or spontaneous realization.
You will work with your body - deha, life-force - prāna, channels - nadi, energy centers - cakra, concentrated spheres of space and energy - bindu, the 5 elemental lights – panchatattva and your mind to fuse the polar energies of the inner psychic landscape (traditionally symbolized as Sun and Moon) revealing your already perfected and whole Essential Nature. If you are physically and energetically oriented, the Way of Fire is a good approach for you. In addition, the first two levels can also be used to help create more stability of realization in the other four Ways.
Make no mistake, this is not a program in modern postural yoga. Nor is it a form of "Tantra-cized" postural yoga. This is a thorough, authentic and classical training program in the Yoga of Liberation. Unique in its scope, traditional authenticity, retreat format and duration.



The modern practice of yoga has been severed from its roots as a liberation technology. For the W ay of Fire, the Path of Kundalinī Hatha Yoga, to give the practitioner the lofty goal of self-realization and beyond, the student must:
  1. Be immersed in an unbroken learning environment for much more than a few days or weeks to ensure saturation and embodiment of the knowledge and practice.
  2. Learn from an authorized teacher of an unbroken line of realized masters, not from a line of workshop facilitators.
  3. Receive clear and correct instructions in theView & Practices.
  4. Receive and integrate the Ritual Śakti Empowerments given by the Ācārya.
  5. Be resolutely committed to their practice.
  6. Have pure motive to realize their nature for the benefit of themselves and all beings equally.





Level I -  Opening the Way (3 months)
Level II - Kumbhaka (3 months)


Level III - Mahākumbhaka (6 months)
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Opening the Way



What you will learn?
  • Cleansing Physical and Subtle Nadis
  • Strengthening Agni
  • Balancing the 5 elements
  • Five Family Āsana
  • Three Core Series
  • Paśu Tattva Śuddhi
  • Chanting - developing the four resonant chambers
  • View  Teachings of Hatha Yoga including oral transmission and relevant text verses
  • Preparatory Kumbhaka Prānāyāma progression of practices
  • Basic Bandha
  • Mudras
  • Meditation - sensory enhancement and classical mind training
  • The Awarenesses
  • Five elements
  • Preliminary Mantra
  • Primal Ayurveda
  • Dream Yoga I
  • Ritual Empowerments of Śiva, Ganeśa, Sarasvatī, and more.






What you will learn?
  • 5-Part Retreat Yoga Series
  • Mahādevi and the Seven Yoginī Cakra Ritual Empowerments
  • View Teachings
  • Vīra Tattva Śuddhi
  • Intermediate Kumbhaka Prānāyāma practice progression
  • Secrets of Kumbhaka Retention - progressive practices
  • Intermediate āsana - static & mobile
  • Mantra
  • Exercises of Clearing
  • Creating and Strengthening the Channels
  • Kriyā Yoga of Urdhvaretas
  • Hanuman Ritual Empowerment
  • Meditation
  • Intermediate and Advanced Chanting & Mantra
  • The practice of Samuccāra
  • View - Oral Teachings and Relevant Text Verses
  • Intermediate Bandha
  • Continuing Studies in Primal Ayurveda
  • Teachings of Sva-Kundalinī
  • Dream Yoga II
  • Intro to Tantrik Astrology and Personal Karma Assessment







What you will learn?
  • Condensing the Bindus
  • Final Practices Prepping for Mahākumbhaka training
  • The traditional 100-day Mahākumbhaka Retreat
  • Intermediate Kriya Yoga of Urdhvaretas
  • Full Esoteric Śiva Abhiśekham
  • Tattva Śuddhi of the Adept
  • Teachings of Kula and Loka Kundalinī
  • Advanced Āsana
  • Mercury-Kriyā Meditation Series
  • Mahāmudrā
  • Dream Yoga III
  • Supportive Practices used to Stabilize the Sva-Kundalinī
  • Sadhanas for expanding to Kula Kundalinī