JUNE 2023


June 4-8: 6 Realms Yoga
June 9-11: Tantrik Enneagram

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*The teachings will be in English with Portuguese translation. The participants who want translation are invited to bring a cell phone and headphones to connect to the translation program.





June 4-8th, 2023

9:00 am - 12:00 pm / 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm 


Transforming Your “Closed Symbols” through 6 Realms Yoga

To optimize our lives and thrive spiritually we need to identify our inner mental, emotional and energetic blockages so as to transform them. The problem we often come to realize is that these inner blockages are not easily accessible to our conscious minds. In fact, the deepest blockages stored as energy patterns in our unconscious minds are the ones that cause us to act, feel or think in ways that we know limit or create more suffering, and yet we cannot choose out of such patterns. They seem out of our control. Although we want to grow and be free of such conditioning, it nonetheless feels impossible to change through conscious will of mind. 


The Six Realms of Human Suffering

The ancient masters of Tantrik Yoga knew about the unconscious mind and developed techniques to access “closed symbols” locked into your chakras and elements. During this program you learn how to self-assess which of the 6 patterns or “realms” is expressing in your life and holding you back from completing the journey of self-healing and spiritual fulfillment. These unconscious packages of negative patterning are called realms because they flavor our perception of self, others and the world…they influence our entire living experience!”


Transformation with Tantrik Yoga Technologies 

 The 6 Realm Yoga methods use yoga postures, specific breath patterns, focused visualizations, power mantras, and the invocation of antidotal virtues to transform the 6 negative energy patterns into 6 pure light-rays of virtue. You will learn the 6 specific techniques for transforming each of these negative realm patterns. 


Best of all, this is a self-empowering system of self-healing and self-awakening because you perform it yourself. You do not need to depend on resources outside of yourself, like a healer or therapist. To fulfill your potential you must learn to beyond your conscious mind and access the unlimited transformational power of your Essence within. The secret teachings of 6 Realm Yoga have been helping yogins achieve full realization for thousands of years – now this secret method is available to you.





June 9-11th, 2023

9:00 am - 12:00 pm / 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm 


The Tantrik Enneagram is an ancient system that teaches how the ordinary personality, our ego-structure that we are born with, holds many keys to unlocking the realization of our immutable Essence. 


Tantrik Enneagram teaches you how to identify which of the 9 personality types you belong to, and how to transform the limited karma of personality and emotion into a "Wisdom Display" of enlightened virtues and actions. 


Tantrik Enneagram originated in the steppes of Central Asia, the home of Non-Dual Tantra-Dharma. For thousands of years it was a highly guarded secret mostly preserved in esoteric Sufi communities, until popularized in the West by the great Greek-Armenian mystic named Gurdjief. 


In modern times, the Catholic Church and Western Psychology have adopted the Enneagram teachings, but they lack the original Tantrik View and Methodology that makes the Tantrik Enneagram a powerful tool of not only psychological but also spiritual development. The most popular forms of Enneagram being taught today are heavily influenced by teachers from a specific stream of psychology that has distorted the understanding of how the subtle body (channels, cakras, etc.) and its energies play a pivotal role in the production and maintenance of a false sense of self that keeps us from full realization of our human potential.


In the Tantrik Enneagram you will discover your Enneagram personality type and the generalized “package” of karmic patterns that hold you in a state of relative ignorance of your true nature and the suffering that comes from this state of “non-remembrance”.  You will also discover those specific karmic patterns or areas wherein you most easily “fall asleep” and lose connection to Essence. You will learn how these unique karmic patterns express as emotional reactivity, patterns of unconscious thought and behavior. You'll learn how to cultivate unshakeable Present Moment Awareness so that you can transform the ever-arising karmas of your limited personality/ego-structure into a radiant expression of innate virtues called the “Personality Display” as contrasted with the Limited Personality created as a means to buffer reality. You'll also learn the most important feature of Enneagram training – the mechanism by which your negative emotions that arise from karmic patterns, which cause your obstacles, actually hold the keys to your full realization and enjoyment of life. 


This training is recommended to anyone on a spiritual path and/or involved in psychological work, as it provides profound opportunities for self-reflection, direction and true sustainable growth. 


*This course serves as one of the prerequisites for students wishing to practice the Way of Mirror Consorts in Trika Mahāsiddha Yoga.

**We recommend taking Preliminaries of TMY online prior to this training, as it will provide you with a introduction to the TMY View and essential understanding of the language that will be used during the course. 




If you do not speak Portuguese, please write to the event coordinator for assistance with registration ([email protected]). The retreats will be in English with Portuguese translation.